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Hello, thank you for visiting and welcome to my website. 

This is my home for all things health and wellbeing. I hope it brings you some inspiration and perhaps a little guidance too. 

I'm an international health coach and former tv reporter. I trained at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in NYC, the largest nutrition school in the world. I now help companies transform the health and wellbeing of their staff. I've hosted workshops at Nike and Adidas as well as Nord Anglia Education and one of south china's biggest hospitals, United Family Health. Feedback is always fantastic for example after my Nike workshops 90% of staff said they would now be making changes to their lifestyle and nearly everyone who attended gave me a 5 star rating. I'm currently studying to become a science based nutritionist at MAC Nutrition University in the UK. 

Before moving into nutrition I worked as a reporter for ITV for 15 years. 

I started off my health coaching career seeing 1-1 clients but I now focus on my corporate workshops.  It draws on my skills as a tv reporter and fortunately standing up in front of big audiences doesn't scare me, in fact, I love it! 

So that's the business bit now a bit of the personal stuff. I'm married to truly wonderful man called Jamie. He's a lawyer and an all round brilliant dad and husband who makes me laugh constantly. We have two beautiful children Poppy and Benji who are 10 and 8 and we live just outside Winchester in Hampshire. 

I love running, eating, wine and my friends and family and I'd love to help you with your health and fitness goals. So please don't be shy and

get in touch x



In 1-1 sessions I will work with you to improve your diet and overall wellbeing. Our initial consultation will allow me to assess your current diet and to get to know you and your diet history, likes and dislikes as well as your goals. 

I will then tailor a personalised programme for you with food recommendations, recipes and meal timings and any other suggestions I feel will benefit you on a personal level.


I will then ask to see you every other week so we can track your progress and work on any problems/ obstacles that may have arisen. 

I offer group workshops on a variety of topics. I can come into homes, offices, schools, cafes and will tailor the talk to best meet your needs. Some of the topics I cover are listed below but if you have a specific need please don't hesitate to ask.


•  Weight Loss 

•  Eating for Energy 

•  Diet Myths Busted

•  Combatting diabetes 

•  Dealing with PCOS 

•  Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

•  Eating for the Elderly

•  IBS and Gut Health


I like to structure these in a fun and informal way with lots of client interaction as well as handouts, recipe demos and tasting sessions. 

Group Workshops



1-1 Sessions

In the past I have done corporate presentations for many big brands. My corporate presentations are lively and interactive. I like to do a half day where I will give an hours presentation followed by 15 minute slots for any employees who would like a more personalised 1-1 chat.

I also offer recipe demos, healthy snack stations and office overhauls when requested. 

Group Workshops