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Holding your hand to optimum health

I'm Tiffany, an international health coach. Welcome to my home for all things health and wellbeing.


I will help you make lasting lifestyle changes that will transform your future. From diet and exercise to sleep and stress I will get your life back in balance and help you to thrive not just survive.

I also help companies radically improve the health and wellbeing of their employees on a global scale.

Together we will make your health goals a reality.

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“Tiffany came into Nike to give nutrition talks to our staff at lunchtimes. Her sessions were really informative and great fun! Over 90% of staff who attended said they had now made changes to their diet and lifestyle as a result. Thank you Tiffany.”  



Client Testimonials


I sat down with my good friend, published author, fellow health coach and founder of the hugely successful company Heal Yourself Happy, Ali Mortimer. 

We answered your questions about health, food, fads and just about any other lifestyle related issues. It was fun and super informative!

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