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Corporate Presentations

Your employees health is serious business

Corporate sessions can take on various different formats.


I offer full wellness days, where I spend a whole day in your offices seeing staff for 1/2 hour 1-1 sessions. This enables employees to come forward in private with any specific problems or goals that they have.


I also offer lunchtime presentations. These involve an hour long presentation on a relevant health topic for the time of year or for your company in particular. For example in the winter, I like to cover immunity, warding off colds and flu. In the summer we can focus more on eating lighter in the heat, how to look after your gut, and mindful eating.


I also offer a combination of the 2 formats so a talk followed by the chance for staff to have 1-1s later.

Corporate Menu


Full wellness day

A full day is dedicated your company I spend 30 mins with your employees on a 1-1 basis


Lunchtime presentation

An hour long talk structured to the season for optimum health


Take them both

An hour long talk structured to the season for optimum health PLUS 30 min 1-1 session

What you get

After each session I will create bespoke health plans for each 1-1 client that will be emailed to them. I then return a month or two later to check in and see how staff are doing, to update their goals and help with any problems they’ve encountered. And to give a different presentation on a new health topic. I can provide recipe cards, cookery demonstrations and full office health checks.

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