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One-to-one health coaching

Your first step to a healthier, happier & better you.

1-1 sessions are a chance for me to really get to know you. A safe space where you can open up in private about any health worries you have and any specific goals you want to achieve.


We will go over your health history and any previous battles you have had or obstacles that may have got in your way.


I will then create some manageable sustainable steps you can take to kick start your new wellness journey. What you will get out of them? All the ideas I give you will be actionable steps that I know you can achieve and will set you on the path to realising your goals.


You will leave feeling empowered and really read to begin your health journey.

How it works


I like to carry out these sessions every 2 weeks either in person or via Skype or FaceTime. I will also be contactable via email if you need extra support or have any questions in the meantime. During every 1-1 session I will tailor the plan to help you with your specific problems and goals. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health. These sessions are designed to be your very own, personal, health spring board. Following the initial session we will work together until you have reached your goals and achieved everything you hoped for and more. 

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