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Snack Attack

During these unsettling times, with so many of us working from home ( and often in the kitchen) it can be really hard not to want to keep rooting around in the fridge every 2 minutes. Trust me I know! So how can we stop ourselves mindlessly snacking? And what should we be snacking on?


That's the question you need to ask yourself before you finish off last nights span bol at 10am. Or are you actually bored, stressed or tired?

Try and take a step back before you dive in head first, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if actually there is something else you need.

Can you ring a friend, go outside for some fresh air, listen to some music or even just have a drink of water?

If you still fancy a snack after that let's have a look at what might keep you feeling satisfied and give you some energy so you don't keep going back for more.

Make sure whatever you are having contains some protein. protein is really important for growth and repair in the body and it will help you feel full.

A few simple ideas:

- Boiled eggs with some chopped avocado ( plus a piece of wholegrain/ rye/ sourdough toast)

- Full fat greek yogurt with some berries or stewed fruit plus a handful of seeds or nuts

- lettuce wraps, so big lettuce leaves spread with hummus and some cold meat like chicken or ham and some chopped tomatoes, rolled up like a wrap.

- Slices of apple and banana spread with nut butter and a handful of granola

If even snacks aren't satisfying your cravings try looking at what you are eating at meal times. Are you including all your food groups so protein, carbs and fats.

For example protein: lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, cheese, yogurt, nuts

Carbs: rice, pasta, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potato, couscous

Fats: olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, nuts, nut butters

Are you eating enough fibre?

Fibre will bulk out your meals and help you feel satisfied as well as being important for digestion.

Fibre rich foods: fruit and veg, wholegrain, peas, beans and lentils, potatoes with skins on.

Are you staying hydrated?

Keep a bottle of water on your desk or table. If you're not a water fan try adding some chopped mint, fruit or cucumber. Herbal teas are good if you want something warm and milk is also great if you like it just go easy on drinking gallons of the stuff if you are watching your weight.

I hope these tips help and remember now is not the time to be dieting. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. They are the best things you can do for your body right now. Good luck.


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